Project Management

Approach With Caution

Kevin Coleman is a highly skilled senior level project and program manager/advisor with experience leading projects with labor budgets ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to multi-million dollar budgets across multiple industries.

The challenging times we live and work in demand that organizations continuously adapt and improve. Today, the need to improve our project management processes, become more efficient and deliver greater value much faster and more reliably has never been higher.

One of the first areas that falls under the microscope is project delivery. It’s essential that organizations select the right approach to project management, and that is a complicated and challenging activity—under no circumstances should it be taken lightly. The factors are as much about the professional resources you have and those that you might be willing to bring on board (not to mention the availability of those resources within the price range you are willing to fund).

Insight: One of the top reasons why project management transformation stalls is the absence of enough (or lack of properly trained) resources (employees or consultants). It is an extremely challenging process, and the intensity is likely to increase in the next few years.

Some professionals believe there is only one way to do things—and that is the project approach that is currently in use. It must be followed exactly as documented. Those with this mental model are typically the more seasoned and experienced professionals that have been managing projects for a fair amount of time.

Here is a real-life example of the &…

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