Project Management

Data Quality Management in Engineering and Construction Projects

, Daron Kinsey, MIEAust, and Randy McMeekin, PEng

The engineering & construction (E&C) industry strongly affects the economy, the environment, and society. It touches the daily lives of everyone, as quality of life is heavily influenced by the built environment surrounding people. The construction industry serves almost all other industries, as great economic value creation occurs within or by means of buildings or other “constructed assets.” As an industry, moreover, it accounts for 6% of global gross domestic product (GDP) (Renz & Solas, 2016).

The E&C industry is rapidly changing, transforming it from a document-driven to a digitally driven sector. Digitization of engineering and construction projects gives tremendous opportunities not only to improve productivity and reduce project delays, but also to enhance the quality of buildings and to improve safety, working conditions, and environmental compatibility.

Besides the physical assets delivered from construction, there are the digital assets delivered by projects which unlock great opportunities for optimization during the life cycle of the project but also during the life cycle of the asset in service (operations and maintenance). 

Data and information are the lifeblood of digital E&C projects. Managing project data and information is essential to providing better quality deliverables, cutting costs, and controlling risks.

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