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Enterprise Agile Transformation: Challenges and Ways to Overcome

PMI Singapore Chapter, and Srinivasan Balasubramaniam

Organizations embark on agile transformations as part of their efforts to accelerate speed to market. Agile adoption helps enterprises to increase speed, reduce costs, boost efficiency, and improve quality. We achieve true enterprise agility by focusing on the fundamentals of agile delivery—while systematically and methodically breaking dependencies. Through this, we can achieve true enterprise agility. It is imperative for organizations to provide seamless and consistently high-quality services to their customers so that organizations can take advantage of digital disruption.

However, agile will not give the same benefits to all businesses and industries. It is a critical decision process for executive teams as to whether, why, and when to embark on an agile transformation. It looks easy, but practicing new ways of working and transforming an entire organization is a huge challenge. Any change needs to be implemented carefully, and in order to make it successful, the individuals who are part of that group should have the flexibility to change.

Adopt, adhere, and action will lead to the ability to manage projects in an innovative way, and provides many ideas that an organization can use to implement it and take customer satisfaction to the next level. Choosing agile because “everyone else is doing it” is the wrong way to approach agile adoption…

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