Project Management

9 Essential Leadership Traits

Mudassir is a consultant and trainer in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

When we think of project managers, we think of team leaders accountable for delivering the project within the allocated deadline and budget set by the client. In reality, it takes a lot to become a project manager. Achieving a leadership position comes with massive responsibility and requires certain character qualities.

Leaders often require at least some training in regards to soft skills. One can have the potential to become a great leader, but if he or she doesn’t have the right personality, they won't be able to make it far on just raw talent.

Here are the skills that (in my point of view) are essential to be a good—and eventually great—leader:

1. Effective communication: The ability to interact with multiple people at different levels is a skill that draws a line between ordinary and great leadership. A project leader must call for clear communication regarding the project’s expectations and ultimate objectives. Therefore, he or she must be able to progressively align and utilize influence to achieve project success.

A significant part of communication involves listening—specifically active listening. Consequently, leaders should form a steady flow of communication between themselves and their team members, either through an open-door policy or everyday discussions with employees. Also, they should make themselves available …

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