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The 3 'As' That Drive Efficiencies in Software Projects

Srikanth has 13+ years of experience in software testing/quality assurance, with expertise in organizational QA strategy, program/project test strategy and QA project management.

Companies aspiring to be part of cutting-edge technology have taken many initiatives adopting (or trying to adopt) the latest trends like digital transformation, DevOps, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and robotic process automation (RPA).

But what are some of the fundamental building blocks required in software projects? Things that can help position teams to adapt to changes quickly (including implementing these latest trends) and ultimately add value to business? Managers need to ensure that the time and effort project teams spend in either developing or supporting applications creates exponential value to business.

Based on my experience, the three “As” that can help are:

  1. Agile
  2. ALM (application lifecycle management)
  3. Automation

Agile is a very familiar term to everyone around the globe—and not just software professionals. Agile brings a behavioral shift to a project team. Due to its approach to delivery, agile creates a culture where a change is accepted within a sprint or release in a formal and systematic manner. It is usually much easier to accommodate a change early in a sprint, which is why organizations tend to go for sprints with shorter durations (say two weeks), as the wait time to make a change is always less.  

Agile culture improves a team's productivity and motivation, and boosts morale. …

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