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Like the Bermuda Triangle, the PMI Talent Triangle® can be scary. Some people seem reluctant to explore it; they fear getting lost in the details of which PDUs can be claimed in each category. Instead, they stick to the familiar territory of technical project management. But fear not! The Talent Triangle is not so mysterious—and it’s actually very easy to claim PDUs from each category (especially the strategic/business management one).

To begin, let’s look at why the PMI created the Talent Triangle in the first place. Despite being best-known for creating A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide®), which focuses on technical project management guidance, PMI understands that soft skills and industry-specific knowledge are also critical.

We need the full set of technical knowledge, people skills and strategic/business knowledge to be truly effective. Think about the problems we would have if we missed a core component:

Missing Domain


Technical Project Management

Well-intentioned people who are business savvy and likable, but without a clear strategy or plan for accomplishing the project goals. Being unaware of the common pitfalls of project execution, threats may become issues that disrupt, delay or derail the entire project.

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