3 Ways to Perfect Your Strategic Skills

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Bruce is the founder of ProjectManagementHacks.com, a resource for growing IT project managers.

What creates long-term success in a project management career? A string of projects delivered on time, right? Yes, that’s a vital part of the equation.

However, it’s not the full story. You might want to move up to new goals like managing a large program or overseeing a project management office (PMO). In pursuing those skills, executives will assume that you already have strong technical project skills.

You need to add something more to the picture. In my view, developing strategic skills is the best path to that destination.

The Reason Why Your Talent Triangle® Is Unbalanced
When PMI first introduced the Talent Triangle®, I recall some people raising questions about its usefulness. For example, did this new approach devalue traditional project management skills? How would this model shape continuing education? As the new model has become familiar, most of us have started to see its value.

In my discussions with project managers, I have noticed that most professionals already have excellent technical project management skills. As the saying goes, technical project skills are table stakes to compete as a project manager. You have your pick of training courses and even specialized certifications [like the PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) Certification]. However, strategic skills and knowledge tend to get much less attention. As a result, they…

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