Topic Teasers Vol. 119: The Hierarchy of 'Me, Me, Me'

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My organization is very interested in adding more agile practices to our processes. While I’m not opposed, from what I have been told it’s about faster time to market, happier clients and being better suited to anticipate change. That’s all just fine, but what about me? I don’t mean to sound self-absorbed, but what’s in this for me and for the people on my team? Don’t we count, too?

A. Today, people are much too focused on themselves. The investors in a business count on our team’s commitment to provide as much business value and, as a result, either increase the share price or hike up dividend returns. If employees are paid a salary and benefits—and treated fairly in a safe work environment—that is all they need to receive.

B. From childhood, the workers of today were over-protected by their parents. As a result, they know no fear and move freely from position to position, with the average stint in any one place being around two years. Since they will switch jobs so quickly, there is no need to invest in any processes to try to retain them.

C. Many of the motivation theories we have learned and known for years are really fresh and still relevant to the neo-agile culture coming into …

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