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Managing a Healthcare Project in the Era of Cloud Computing

Dr. Nidhi Gupta is an accomplished professional who has served the healthcare industry for over 10 years as a dental surgeon in India and as a lead consultant to the nonprofit organization of Health and Human Services for the state of Texas to assist with healthcare programs, eligibility, business data analytics, and reporting needs.

Executive Summary
In a traditional work environment, if a company wants to host a website, a system admin chooses to either own or rent the server at the data center, business users elicit the company requirements, and price negotiations happen subsequently. However, there are several challenges posed by this typical data center model such as scalability issues when it is realized that there is a need to increase the server capacity to ensure the website stays up and running during peak demands. Server maintenance and pricing also present huge challenges.

In addition, the cost of owning the server and the time to access the server in the data center or through the hosting service provider is huge, which can make the server renting requirements quite challenging and expensive for a small- or medium-sized start-up business to pursue. Due to some of these reasons, cloud computing came into existence.

This white paper provides some insight for healthcare project managers and executive leadership about the basics of cloud computing; why the cloud computing concept is gaining ground; what the different attributes of cloud computing are; and the security, pricing requirements, different service and deployment models, and various challenges faced with cloud computing. This paper also highlights the key points that healthcare managers need to consider while managing a …

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