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Event Project Management: 5 Best Practice Tips

, and Dr. Susanne Gellweiler

Event projects pose a unique set of challenges for project managers. Events are often managed as projects—and in most cases can benefit from the use of project management tools and techniques.

Project management and event management have a lot in common. This is part of the reason why a lot of event agencies are moving to a formal project management mode of operation. Project managers are regularly called on to coordinate event projects. The list provided here includes some tips from event management experts, who provide some best practices for managing event projects. While no list can ever be exhaustive for all situations, the ideas here are good points to keep in mind.

The list was developed by asking several event management experts a simple question: What are some of the project management tools and techniques that you find especially useful in event project management? The list below represents the five most frequently mentioned points:

Tip 1: Structured Project Scheduling
The need for structured—and communicated—project scheduling was mentioned over and over in various ways. From the need to use Gantt charts to the necessity of milestone plans, as well as the value of graphically representative project dashboards.

As the saying goes, the show must go on. Events have a fixed start date, and things need to be in place by that date. A well-…

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