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Mark Mullaly is president of Interthink Consulting Incorporated, an organizational development and change firm specializing in the creation of effective organizational project management solutions. Since 1990, it has worked with companies throughout North America to develop, enhance and implement effective project management tools, processes, structures and capabilities. Mark was most recently co-lead investigator of the Value of Project Management research project sponsored by PMI. You can read more of his writing at

You know the feeling. You get frustrated. You have a bad meeting. You had a horrible day at work. You had an atrocious customer service experience. And you want to vent.

So goes the role social media plays in most of our lives.

And I get it. I had just that experience earlier this week. Without getting into nauseating details, I hung up the phone after having to push to get what I wanted. And I opened up a new Twitter post to rant that companies need to stop making rules that require you to be obnoxious before you actually get the service they’ve promised. (If you really want the details, and my exploration of why companies do this, you can find that here:

I indignantly hammered out a tweet. And then I stopped myself.

Because pressing “send” would just be another voice screaming into the void about their crappy and unfair experience.

And I asked myself three questions:

  1. Do I want that to be the person I’m seen as in social media?
  2. Who does this serve?
  3. What outcome am I looking for by posting this?

And the answers to those questions were, respectively: “No,” “No one” and “I’m looking for validation, tummy rubs and acknowledgement that I’ve been mistreated.”

In other words, apart from being just another source…

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