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Elevating Performance: From Business Storytelling to Linking Goals

Suresh is a Senior Architect at CSG in Bangalore.

Are modern organizations successful in helping employees at every level see how the work they do contributes to the success of the organization—as well as the success of their customers?

The Intangibility of Software
Visuals play an important role in elevating performance of the people involved in creating something, from skyscrapers to lifesaving medicines. This article looks at the software industry as an example, mainly because the intangible nature of software makes it that much more challenging to visualize an end product.

In the absence of physical imagery, the next best option to visualize the fruits of one’s labor is through narratives. In other words, the art of business storytelling.

As humans, we all crave stories—from a toddler who listens to their parent’s bedtime stories, to an adult who stays glued to a gripping novel or movie. We have an innate appetite for stories that revolve around human emotions. Stories have an immense role to play in developing our imagination, stimulating our senses, shaping our character and nurturing new ideas. Similarly, stories can also be used effectively to elevate the performance of individuals.

Let’s look at a junior-level employee in the software industry, the programmer. When a programmer is writing a program, do they visualize how that piece of code helps the end customer be successful…

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