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Developing an Effective Project Management Mentoring Program

Chicagoland Chapter

One of the most effective methods for improving the capabilities and performance of project managers is through mentoring by more experienced project managers. This article explains the successful techniques and key steps used by the PMI Chicagoland Mentoring Program, which include creating a personal development plan (PDP) and establishing meeting requirements. There are also four success stories based on direct feedback from mentees and mentors.

Formal Mentoring to Enhance Capabilities
Project management capabilities can be effectively matured and enhanced through mentoring. The PMI Chicagoland Chapter has established a very successful formal mentoring program, with 98% of the participants recently rating the program as “very good” to “excellent.” Mentor/mentee pairs typically represent a broad range of demographic and experience backgrounds. Mentees can be early in their careers, or more seasoned project managers who are looking to update their skills.

The program enables mentees to obtain personalized feedback and guidance toward specific, individualized goals from expert project managers. The mentees choose the goals that they will work on with their mentors. These sessions provide the opportunity to develop important traits that good project managers need, such as soft skills for human interaction at all levels.

The mentors are …

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