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Topic Teasers Vol. 133: What Do I Need to Know About DA?

PMI Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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One of my team members told me yesterday that PMI is introducing a whole new series of certifications and moving to a more agile approach. How will my PMP® certification that I worked so hard to earn fit into this process? He said it is called DA, so I don’t really understand what this is about and what it will mean to me. Should I be learning this new approach?

A. As the Project Management Institute (PMI) shifts toward more flexible processes to complete projects, along with retaining the tried and tested approaches for some more linear production outcomes, there needs to be increased communication between project teams and the rest of the organization—and a way for all parts of the business to be more agile. That’s the Disciplined Agile concept, but it doesn’t threaten current certification holders.

B. Now that many organizations are moving to agile, we do not have the need we once did for project managers. Most projects will become self-directed and the PMP® certification will no longer be of value. You should immediately certify in one of the new areas.

C. PMI has purchased an organization called Disciples Against Details, which will be teaching a process that has no process documents or tracking …

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