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The Regular Project Manager 'Managing' in a World Gone Agile

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Katherine Nnanwubar is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®. Her experience and skill sets span multiple industries, including insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, advertising, and biotech with a focus in the IT infrastructure and technology space. She has held roles as a consultant, a contractor, a vendor, a partner, and these have helped her gain experience in working effectively with cross-functional teams spanning geographical time zones.

This article is about how, as project managers, we can adapt to a new, agile-centric world, where we are seeing that most organizations require a project manager with experience in agile approaches. As a newly minted PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®, I have some fresh thoughts on the topic. Experienced practitioners with some opinion on the matter know that being agile is a mindset, and this article helps with how one can achieve that mindset.

There are a myriad of articles, knowledge materials, and thought pieces on agile approaches and what they mean for the project management discipline, office, and practice. Now, more than ever, with the world becoming increasingly connected, organizations evolving into The Project Economy and the recent upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic, a project manager could ask what being agile means to them personally.

There’s one word for that: adaptable. Being agile does not necessarily mean implementing one of the agile frameworks like Scrum, SAFe®, or eXtreme programming (XP). It simply is a process of being where the project manager is ready and willing to move and shift focus at the slightest opportunity. You may have heard it described as a mindset, but being agile is not just a mindset to be used exclusively when managing projects or “working”; being agile trains the mind to adjust…

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