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Ask the Experts Q&A: Agile for the Rest of Us

Lakeshore, Ontario Chapter, and PMI Northeast Indiana Chapter

We received so many questions during our Ask the Experts: Agile for the Rest of Us webinar that we didn’t have time to answer them all, so the presenters continue the conversation here!

During our Ask the Experts live webinar, community members asked Dave Maynard, PMP and Kiron Bondale, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP a series of questions about agile. While Kiron and Dave were able to answer many questions during the hour-long session, not all questions could be answered.

This article contains a list of the questions that were not answered during the live session, along with feedback on each from Dave and Kiron:

1. What is a typical mistake that teams make when they try to introduce agile for the first time?­

Kiron: Assuming that agile is something you “do” or can easily achieve by buying some tools, taking some training or adopting an off-the-shelf framework or method “as is.”

Dave: Not changing your mindset. If you have been working in a waterfall environment for a long time (perhaps forever), then thinking and doing agile will not come naturally to your project team. Many waterfall processes and “limitations” will carry forward into what you are trying to establish—a new way of thinking and doing. It is hard to change. Accept that it is hard; it is not like flipping a switch. Do some self-reflection as a team to …

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