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6 Habits to Become More Successful in a Changing World

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There are entire associations and certifications dedicated to the art of change management. In that reality, adding something new to the conversation is a challenge.

Fortunately, the long months of 2020 have allowed me to look at change management differently. There is a practice you can use to enhance all of your existing change management activities: habits!

Here are six habits to encourage positive change in your projects and beyond…

1. Practice answering "What's in it for me?" to encourage change.
Imagine the following scenario: Your department is installing a new system for employee expense reimbursement. There will be a mandatory training session for all employees to learn how to use the system.

At first glance, this change probably feels like a hassle. You liked the old system—emailing a receipt to the administrative assistant. You just had to click "forward" on an expense email receipt, and you were done.

Now, let's say that you were the project manager in charge of this new expense reimbursement system. You need to engage employees in learning how to use the new system. You believe in the system's value, but you can't seem to get other employees to come to the training sessions. The problem might lie in poor messaging—like saying "this session is mandatory" or "The CEO is saying …

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