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The Agile PMO Versus the Clumsy PMO

PMI Venezuela Chapter

Lourdes Medina is a PMO/PPM consultant and coach in Latin-America. With more than 15 years of project and portfolio management experience, with an emphasis on both operational and consulting perspectives, she has worked in a large scope of industries including banking, insurance, retail, insurance, public sector and consumer products.

Clumsiness refers to a lack of ability or insufficient capacity to carry out certain tasks or actions. We can consider a project management office (PMO) to be clumsy when, far from facilitating the development of projects, it hinders the flow of the portfolio and fails to constantly adjust its approaches and processes so that the organization can thrive in The Project Economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to make continuous adjustments to the way they run their operations and projects, and requires that PMOs provide significant benefits to justify their value to the organization. Today, more than ever, the PMO’s challenge is in configuring processes, tools, and techniques that eliminate redundant efforts and guarantee project success. We are increasingly required to be an agile PMO, not a clumsy one.

In the lines that follow, I am going to focus on the transition from clumsy performance to becoming an agile PMO based on the analysis of three foundations:

  1. The team that makes up the PMO should be capable of figuring out the needs of the organization and translating them into a clear mission.
  2. Proper processes can allow The Project Economy to come to life through execution.
  3. Appropriate methodologies and tools can allow the PMO to execute processes quickly and easily with the least amount of effort possible.

PMO Team
The …

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