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Practical Innovation Scorecard Application – Case Study 1: Atomic Host

, and Eddie Fisher

The first introductory article discussed and presented the thinking behind—and the expected initial outcomes of—an Innovation Scorecard project that was initiated in the Czech Republic at the beginning of January 2019. This second in a series of four articles describes how the developed Innovation Scorecard theory was applied first in a practical work environment within an IT and software development company called Red Hat in Brno, Czech Republic.

The company was an ideal candidate for our pilot study as they were open to and encouraged process changes to improve their way of working (modus operandi). This included areas such as communications, team working, empowerment, and idea generation. We tested our innovation tool in different areas of just one business (but not just software development) within the constraints of our limited sponsored research.

The Innovation Scorecard concept, as described and presented in this series of articles, can be applied to any kind of project or work environment across the industries, irrespective of geography. Some modifications may need to be made to make it fit for any operational requirement. The core concept and its principles remain the same.

Agile project management methods have become a de facto standard over recent years for application in IT/software development work environments and organizations …

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