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How to Design and Build a Citizen Development Operating Model


To embed citizen development into the fabric of your organization, it is necessary to design, implement and scale a citizen development operating model at an enterprise level.

This article covers:

  • Information to help design and build a citizen development operating model that fits with organizations as they build capability and structures to support scaling of citizen development
  • Different types of citizen development operating models, and how these should align with the maturity of citizen development in the organization

Putting in place an effective citizen development operating model is crucial in order to enable the full potential of citizen development. It is ultimately a balancing act. If you set up specific structures, processes and management practices that are underpinned by dedicated technology before citizen development has taken root and started to grow, you will end up with confused accountabilities and unnecessary cost.

Conversely, if the operating model required to support this growth is not implemented as the demand for citizen development grows, key elements of the operating model will be missing and you will risk stifling citizen development growth—or worse, stagnating it altogether.

This article explains the key elements of the citizen development operating model and how to design one that aligns with the organization and…

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