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4 Ways Volunteering Will Make You a Better Project Manager

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Is volunteering a good fit for you right now? We wanted to share our experiences in the hopes it might inspire you to do it yourself (if you aren’t already!).

As passionate volunteers, we met through an online project management community. At the time, Mayte was volunteering as a speaker and newsletter writer for the PMI Northern Utah Chapter, and Yasmina was volunteering at PMI France on the communications team as a newsletter coordinator. We chatted about volunteering and our experiences, and we realized that there were many young professionals like ourselves who knew little about the benefits of volunteering.

We used to think that volunteering meant serving food to homeless people, cleaning up a local park or building a school abroad (which are all wonderful ideas). We admired friends who could do these things, but we were convinced that it wasn’t for us. We came to understand that volunteering is not just giving unpaid time to help people, but also to deliver projects.

One day, we realized that we didn’t need to live near a big city, to have a driver’s license (or a car), or be physically strong to help build a better planet. We helped neighbors and mentored students. We organized online events, presented webinars, wrote blogs and administered a social media group.

People choose to volunteer for different reasons. Some might look at it as…

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