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Practical Innovation Scorecard Application – Case Study 2: Continuous Integration

Ondrej Zizlavsky is a Czech expert who is specialized in corporate finance, management control, and performance measurement systems with a particular emphasis on the concept of innovation projects. He has conducted research projects in the Czech Republic supported by the Czech Science Foundation, Czech Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, and many short-term research projects under the auspices of Brno University of Technology. His work has been published in three books, a number of scientific, peer-reviewed journals indexed in Thomson Reuters and Scopus, and chapters within other research books.

This is the third article in a series of four articles that discusses and presents the thinking behind—and the expected outcomes of—an Innovation Scorecard project that was initiated in the Czech Republic at the beginning of January 2019. It describes how the developed Innovation Scorecard theory was further applied in a practical work environment within an IT and software development company called Red Hat in Brno, Czech Republic.

We focused on some of the “ways of working,” with particular emphasis on how to improve them and then measure the level of success of these changes within the practice of automating the integration of code changes in software development (known as continuous integration or CI). The “honeymoon” was over. The initial case study, Atomic Host (article two), was our pilot study so we were still on a learning curve but had to learn fast and get ready for the first real challenge we were facing in the second and more challenging case study: continuous integration.

To avoid any misunderstanding, please bear in mind that we were still experimenting with the Innovation Scorecard methodology (trial and error approach). This is still not a final solution. And now, let us take a closer look at what CI is all about and why the second case study was more demanding and arduous.  

Continuous …

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