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Choose Your Own ‘Giving Back’ Mission: 4 Practical Ways To Make the World a Better Place

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The social fabric that holds us together has faced tremendous pressure this year. The growing impact of climate change, affordability due to high inflation, and the pandemic pose ongoing challenges. Giving back to well-managed charitable organizations is essential to address these challenges. Here I look at some of the ways we can all do that.

Non-Monetary Giving
Giving back your time and effort is one most straightforward ways to make our world a better place. Yet, solving the world’s problems can feel like an overwhelming task. The sheer scale of the challenge may discourage you from taking action. Instead of getting discouraged, start small. The following three strategies rely on using your time, skills and connections to advance worthwhile organizations:

1. Rebuild your connections and relationships. Recent surveys report that loneliness is a major social problem. The public health measures to control COVID-19 have been worthwhile—yet those efforts have also come with real costs, including increased isolation and mental health. Last year, Health Affairs reported that loneliness increased by 20-30% in the first month of the pandemic. As a result, mental health and physical health may be declining for many of us.

To put this idea into action, start small and ask yourself the following question: What two friends, colleagues or family members haven’t…

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