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Strategies To Keep Top Talent...and Attract New Hires

Jiju ‘Jay’ Nair is a Senior Manager with Fannie Mae driving Cloud Transformation and adoption. He is an avid advocate for using innovative project and process management principles for building reliable and sustainable products.

People who were fortunate enough to opt for remote or hybrid work over the past two years were also often lucky to opt for higher paying jobs. These workers primarily exhibited strong analytical skills, mostly in IT-related jobs. They were also able to leave their current jobs to seek much more rewarding opportunities during this timeframe.

According to a Microsoft study from 2021, 41% of workers are seriously thinking about leaving their jobs—and at least 54% of the Gen Z workforce are looking to do so. In the days before the pandemic, only executive management in many organizations had the flexibility to choose the work, location and elevated compensation. However, the spare time workers found during the pandemic provided them insight into other options in terms of monetary rewards, work satisfaction and life priorities.

Organizations woke up to a new reality, finding their most talented workers leaving in hordes. At the same time, companies also found it difficult to fill those vacant positions with workers aligned to their corporate culture and able to deliver results.

What strategies should organizations adopt to retain their top talent while also making their workplaces attractive to new hires?

Engage and seek meaningful feedback
Regular employees are reporting a lack of opportunities to voice their opinion and, in many cases, feel disconnected from …

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