Project Management

Topic Teasers Vol. 148: Understanding Metric Weights and Metric Wings

PMI Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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I thought that getting a promotion would be great! However, it’s a totally different part of the organization, and what worked for me in terms of evaluating my old team is creating some problems—both with the people and with the results I send to management. I thought project management was supposed to be a methodology that worked regardless of the industry or part of the company in which it was used. What’s going on​?

A. You may have overestimated your own skill sets and tricked your employer into a promotion for which you are unsuited. Go to them and ask to keep the raise and benefits, but to return to your old job where your years of expertise can be of use to them.

B. It sounds like the old phrase, but “Everything old is new again” may be having a resurgence. Some of the theories that we thought made sense to ditch may be needed after all, and some of those we kept may need to be altered.

C. The business world is moving very quickly. No practices that date back more than four years should be retained. Find a book that describes the very problem you are having and follow the instructions provided by the author to get your new team onto a more progressive track.

D. Today there are no metrics that will …

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