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Topic Teasers Vol. 150: Programming With Purpose

Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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I am managing millennials who really want to feel a purpose to their work, not just have a job. But the organization is expecting us to deliver a return on their investment. How can I blend in “improving society” into my web development projects without increasing their cost? Seems like a hopeless undertaking​.

A. The millennials are right to be concerned about the planet and others. Suggest that they each donate 7% per paycheck to a fund that the company can use to support purposeful donations to organizations that apply for help.

B. Current numbers suggest that it takes the equivalent of two years of salary to recruit, hire, train and bring a new employee up to the productivity level of one you lose. Instead, set aside one year of salary for each employee and allow them to donate 10% a year of the amount to the charity of their choice.

C. With the millennial emphasis on a work and home life balance, vacations are important. Allow each employee who has worked there three years to have an additional two weeks off a year to work on a “give-back” project of their own.

D. Since you appear to be in a programming environment, it is probably not possible to be involved in Habitat for Humanity, fundraisers for the …

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