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9 Agile Tenets for Public Sector

The National Academy of Public Administration and the Project Management Institute (PMI) today released a new report, “Agile Regulation: Gateway to the Future” that outlines nine tenets that federal agencies can implement to operate in a more agile way to better meet the public’s rapidly evolving needs.

“To address the significant challenges facing our nation, such as the pandemic, the economy, complex technologies, and many others, the public sector must operate differently,” said Academy President/CEO Terry Gerton. “A new agile paradigm—making public satisfaction the top priority, empowering staff members and teams, and utilizing both networks and new ways of working to facilitate innovation and solve complex problems—has great potential to help government address these issues in a more effective, efficient, and equitable way.” 

The regulatory framework builds on a December 2020 report issued by the Academy and PMI, Building an Agile Federal Government: A Call to Action, which examined how agile government differs from current management practices, what hinders agile adoption, and how departments and agencies can unlock the potential of agile. The report included five recommendations and implementation steps to increase agility in the federal government. A Call to Action was later …

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