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PMI Citizen Developer™ Ask an Expert (Vol. 1 – Matt Hubbard): Introduction to Citizen Development


In the first installment of the new PMI Citizen Developer™ Ask an Expert series, we talk to Matt Hubbard, Head of Operational Excellence at TrackVia, about the impact citizen development will have on future work.

Watch the video below and read this exclusive Q&A with Matt, where he expands upon his remarks:

1. What is citizen development?

Matt: Someone once told me that, out of context, the term "citizen development" might raise some eyebrows. As a self-proclaimed citizen development evangelist who has been at it for over a decade, it took me a moment to understand that comment, but I now see it clearly: “Citizen development” kind of sounds like a nefarious social experiment designed by governments to control their people (ugh, face palm); when words don’t stand alone, context is everything.

In the context of business software, I define citizen development as the creation of useful business applications by people who are not professionally trained coders. These people are average, everyday “citizens” who don’t have the superpowers of a pro coder but are, nonetheless, able to “develop” robust applications that address a variety of business challenges.

But how is that even possible? If someone doesn’t know how to code, how can they build an app? The answer can be found in a software …

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