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PM Skills in Action: 2 Personal Project Success Stories

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Yasmina Khelifi is a French project manager with three PMI certifications. She has been working in an international environment for 20 years. She is a passionate volunteer at PMI and Professional Women’s Network. She is also a regular volunteer blogger on She is the host and founder of the podcast “Global Leaders Talk with Yasmina Khelifi."

During the lockdown due to the pandemic, I listened to many podcasts. In 2020, I joined a marketing community with many podcasters and thought leaders. I quickly became curious about how it worked. I took a short course about it, where the trainer talked about a website builder where you choose and customize a template to make the site look very professional (I had never heard about this nice discovery).

I decided to give it a try and deliver two of my own products. I used agile techniques because I wanted to have the products tested along so I could adjust them. In January of 2021, I launched my own website—and one month later, my podcast. It was a big milestone for me because I never thought I could do it by myself.

Here’s how I accomplished my goals—and what I learned along the way, which you can apply to many of your own professional and personal projects.

Building a website

1. Benchmark other websites: This is the business analysis part. I looked at different thought leaders’ websites to see the trends. I wanted to understand how the content was displayed, what the sections were, and the overall design of the website. I wanted to get inspiration, and made up my mind about what I liked (and didn’t like).

2. Define the sitemap and content: On paper, I defined the different sections and subsections of the website. I needed two …

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"Each problem that I solved became a rule which served afterwards to solve other problems."

- Rene Descartes