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Talent Hunting Today and Tomorrow

Carleton Chinner is the Managing Director of MagniStrat, a Brisbane, Australia-based project consultancy specializing in program capability maturity improvement. Carleton works on large complex projects and is often called upon to speak about his experiences.

It’s tough getting a good team together today. The headlines have been proclaiming the Great Resignation for a while; skilled baby boomer project managers are heading into retirement and being replaced by a new generation with very different approaches. The ever-present fierce competition for skilled resources has never been more intense.

Despite the difficulties that surround finding outstanding talent, there are more options than ever. Even traditional ways of finding people have changed. Here’s how you can make the best of finding your new team.

Traditional Approaches
The practice of finding people follows two patterns that have been around for a very long time. In the first, you advertise, either directly or through an agency; sift through a pile of responses and interview the most promising candidates. The other way is when you rely on personal connections to find someone who knows someone who would be perfect for your team. Technology has turbocharged both of these approaches in ways that extend your reach for new candidates.

If you have been using an employment agency to find people, then you may already be familiar with the bots that scan resumes to filter out suitable applicants. Known as applicant tracking systems (ATS), these systems use search engine optimization techniques to scan applications for relevant phrases that match your requirements.…

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