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Topic Teasers Vol. 154: Confused by Too Many New Agile Terms?

PMI Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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With the addition of Disciplined Agile, we now have three types of approaches to how projects should be managed. But this means three times as many terms and roles to try to manage. In my company, different teams use different ways to organize their work, so inter-team communication becomes daunting. What is a good way to learn terms—and advice on how to use them correctly​?

A. The best way is to look at the traditional way PMI has run projects and the associated terms, view the titles and wording describing agile practices, and then compare those to figure out which terms are also used in Disciplined Agile—and which ones are new. Make your own chart to use with teams depending on the approach they use.

B. The latest ideas suggest that a customized approach to projects is the most effective. This means you can also create your own creative terms and meanings that are appropriate for the projects you are working on. Print a directory, and distribute it to management, team members and customers. This is the only way that you can have clear communication.

C. Trying to get everyone to use the same terms for project work and practices is a waste of time. Just tell people what you want them to do and when you want it. That is all …

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