Project Management

What Great Program Managers Do

KC Lakshminarasimham

The foundation for program management excellence starts with the decision to reevaluate leadership styles, especially the command-and-control style. It means empowering a team to work autonomously without fear of small failures. In this environment, teams work collaboratively and welcome new ideas and even opposing points of view. While it’s important to set boundaries, it’s equally essential for team members to feel like they are wholly engaged in helping to chart a course toward success.

By making program management a win-win endeavor up and down the line, organizations and leaders can create a best practice that supports enterprise growth.

The difference between program management and project management

While the components of project management are specific, exact, and aimed toward one specific task or goal, program management typically covers multiple projects. The program management team is more encompassing and incorporates project managers and their teams under one larger umbrella. Program management is a holistic approach that is designed to encourage more involvement in reaching business and organizational objectives. In short, the scope of program management is broader and more easily adjusted than that of a project management team which is focused on a well-defined delivery due date.

Collaborative management style

Unlike in the command-and-control …

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