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How ChatGPT Helps Project Managers Tell Stories

Karen Eber

From launching projects to helping a team overcome obstacles, storytelling is an influential tool for project managers. A great story can expand thinking, help a team navigate an obstacle, and provide motivation. It’s because stories connect us to our emotions and influence decision-making. We love to think that we act based on data. However, if data changed our behavior, we would all sleep eight hours, exercise daily, and drink eight glasses of water. It is our emotional connection to it that spurns action.

We make decisions at a subconscious level based on our knowledge and experiences. At the point these become conscious thoughts, we apply rationalization and logic. We choose to act and make commitments because of our emotions, not logic. Stories trigger those emotional responses and choices.

Finding Story Ideas
The hardest part of telling stories can often be figuring out the right story to tell for the moment. ChatGPT can be a tool to help generate ideas and propel your thinking. Instead of starting with a blank sheet of paper, you get to react to what is generated, prompting your own thinking and ideas.

A quick query with the prompt, “Examples of stories a project manager could tell” shows a variety of possibilities:

  • A project that faced a major setback, but through teamwork and creative problem-solving, was able to overcome it …

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"Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind."

- Rudyard Kipling