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Enhance Your Military Career with PMP Certification

Allen M. Coones is an active-duty Army officer and Project Management Professional. He currently serves as the Chief of the Combined Arms Division at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

Project managers holding a professional certification are more likely to have higher salaries and more opportunity for advancement than their peers.[1] The Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is the preeminent project management certification.

Several job-oriented websites like Indeed and Glassdoor rank it among their top 10 certifications.[2] Job guru Ken Coleman agrees, naming PMP as one of the “top four professional certifications that can boost your resume.” PMP certification is obviously great for a civilian career, but it can be just as career-enhancing for military service members.

Project management is a skill that is directly applicable to the military profession. Nearly every mission, operation and training event is a “project” as defined by PMI: “a temporary effort to create value through a unique product, service or result.”[3] Due to the nature of military service, most leaders are already well-versed in the field of project management. While project managers lead teams to complete projects in civilian life, our non-commissioned officers (NCOs), warrant officers and officers lead teams of service members to do the same for the military.

PMP certification affords many benefits for service members, including new skills, better performance, greater …

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