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How to Advance Your Career With Risk Expertise

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Risk management is an area that most project managers know about at a high level. Risk is covered in the PMP certification. Project work is concerned with creating results and overcoming uncertainty. Risk is baked into our work. Given the importance of risk in project work, growing your capabilities in risk may be just what you need to advance.

How can you decide if you need more risk management expertise? There are many ways to advance your career, like networking and working on a stretch assignment. Developing a high level of risk expertise may be a good fit for you in a few circumstances. But before you invest significant resources in growing your risk expertise, consider these questions:

1. What is your current risk management expertise?
Review your work experience and education to find your risk management background. Remember that skills and knowledge tend to decay over time, mainly if they are not used. You may need a refresher if you last studied risk management in depth five years ago.

2. Do you see risk management as a significant professional gap or opportunity for you?
Risk management expertise can open exciting new opportunities in some settings. For example, the financial industry—especially banking and insurance—value risk expertise highly. You may also find significant opportunities in construction, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

If …

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