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Strategies to Re-engage PMI Chapter Members at Events

James is a Community Content Specialist at PMI.

With the return of in-person events, it might be time to reassess how you’re engaging your PMI chapter members. Virtual events have proven their value, but the opportunity to collaborate and network face to face can’t be replaced.

In addition to revisiting the Event Resources Toolkit for PMI chapter leaders (with event-planning templates in flyer and banner formats to make your life easier), here are some strategies across the PMI community that chapters have used to successfully re-engage their members:

Collaborate Often & Invite Nonmembers

  • 15x the power: Joining forces is a great opportunity to enhance your chapter's outreach and engagement. In Latin America, chapters sometimes host joint events. The Brazilian National Congress serves as a prime example, where all 15 Project Management Institute (PMI) chapters of the country convene. This annual gathering offers workshops, keynote sessions, social initiatives, and volunteer recognition—all with a focus on enhancing the skills and knowledge of the audience. Start small by partnering with one or two nearby chapters and let it grow organically as others see the benefits.
  • Plus one: Chapter members in Turkey also broadened their reach recently by organizing a Membership Day simultaneously in three different cities. This initiative expanded their reach to a broader geographical area and,…

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