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7 Tips to Improve Mental Health for Project Managers

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Mental health awareness has come a long way over the past 20 years—the fact we’re discussing it publicly is excellent. In many cases, we’re seeing progress in accessing benefits for mental health needs.

Now for the bad news: Several indicators show mental health difficulties are widespread and very costly. The World Health Organization estimates that 15% of working-age adults had a mental disorder in 2019. Further, WHO estimates that 12 billion working days are lost to depression and anxiety every year.

In what ways can we approach mental health as a project manager?

Start With Your Mental Health
If your mental health is in poor condition, performing well on your projects and living life to its fullest will be difficult. I am not a medical doctor, psychologist or other professional, so this article cannot offer professional advice. Instead, I am offering tips that may help to reinforce your mental health. If you have persistent or worrisome mental health challenges, seek professional help.

1. Review the self-care fundamentals. Neglecting self-care fundamentals is one of the most reliable ways to degrade your mental health. In my experience, sleep, diet and exercise are the fundamentals. I feel amazing, happy and productive when I have all three practices operating well. When one of those practices starts to slip, everything looks and feels worse.

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