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Topic Teasers Vol. 166: Equity/Equality...Potato/Potahto?

PMI Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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My organization is especially susceptible to profit changes based on whether or not our customers feel we are being inclusive when we hire, manage and promote our staff. I’m all for doing the right thing, but I’m a little confused. I hear about providing equity, and also that we should be concerned about equality. Aren’t those the same things? Isn’t that the equivalent of having diversity​?

A. You must have diverse representatives on the payroll as they will be able to give you feedback regarding exactly what customers who are similar to themselves will want to buy.

B. This is the latest trend—to introduce words that sound good but are really hard to differentiate between. This way, each person to whom you talk to, or who reads about your organization, is more likely to find the term they are looking for and assume that you are doing the things they want from a product or service provider.

C. To be a modern and upstanding company in these times, it is key that you hire people who represent groups that might have been overlooked in the past. When creating project teams, ignore skill sets, age and experience and place your focus on making sure that you have a culturally diverse team.

D. “Equity&rdquo…

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