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Navigating AI in Project Management: The New Chapter-Led Report

PMI Sweden Chapter

Marly is a Project Manager and Business Consultant with a passion for AI in project management.

Artificial intelligence in project management began to gain attention as early as 2019, as evidenced by the PM Network article “Brain Power.” However, it was not until a few years later, with the pandemic accelerating digital disruption, that interest began to increase. The higher volume of digital data, often referred to as the “new gold,” certainly enabled this.

Despite increased interest and possibilities, it wasn’t until the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in 2022 that artificial intelligence became an accessible tool for individuals across all sectors. Since then, there has been little talk of anything else, and new GenAI tools seem to launch daily.

Individuals may be prepared to use AI for personal tasks, but implementing AI in an organization is a much bigger undertaking. To provide inspiration, PMI Sweden and chapter partners from around the world conducted a survey among project managers to understand how they are using artificial intelligence, including benefits and drawbacks—such as security, legal and ethical considerations.

The report Navigating AI in Project Management is the culmination of our findings, and the final piece of our three-part exploration of AI and its impact on project professionals. These hands-on stories are gathered from global practitioners to inspire and provoke thought. You can access this report …

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