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Question: Are different Leadership styles necessary in the different roles that are described in project management:

  • single project management
  • program management
  • business analytics
  • portfolio management

Let us look at a portfolio manager. As a portfolio manager you are probably acting with more positional authority following governance policy and process that in the other roles. Your decision making may not be so dependent on a team working for you on the same target, but rather on other stakeholders in the organization, with different targets. Is it still useful to apply servant leadership?

Or is it more important to be able to negotiate, sell, build alliances - i.e. be a political savvy person and force others to accept decisions? Isn't there a danger to become bureaucratic by relying on the power that a governance position gives you?

What are your thoughts?

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Dear Thomas
Interesting perspective on the topic: "Leadership and Portfolio Management"
Thanks for sharing

If the dimension of vision is included in servant leadership es, it will be necessary in Portfolio Management

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