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Only you can decide if you are too young for success

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Everyone who are very young find themselves with a lack of credibility, but only you know if you are too young for something in your life and understand when is the time to do what you wanna do.

This text is for you who are young and seek to prove your ability and your strong ideas around the any areas of your life.

Young people often see adverse situations and one of the most common is the lack of credibility about work done in the recently past and projects that are already being put into practice to her lives.

When I decided to put a website on the air to talk with young people in Brazil about career and personal development, it was a very important decision in my life. This project was something that I had been planning a long time and with very concrete and great goals to the future.

Note: When you see the future with clarity and can give the first step, you see a lot of opportunities open in front of your eyes.

On the other hand, under no circumstances did I allow the age be an excuse to leave for later anything that I planned to do in my life, and I learned day by day that to leave for later anything that you consider important, regardless of being of your professional or personal life, is another excuse that does not build winners. 

You and me want to be winners in our lives! I bet, yes!

The most interesting thing (and what motivates me to do what I do) is that when we take on a role of responsibility and believe in ourselves, we are planting good things to reap good fruit in the future.

When you assume an important role too young, you have all responsibility for this with you. 

So, the question here is that only you can tell if you are too young to have success right now.

At the time, assuming you are now just 16 years old and you are starting a business that you consider too big, go ahead and don’t be afraid.

Your age just begins to be a problem for you when you let it be a barrier in your life. So simple as that may seem, do not let yourself slow down your growth.

You can be absolutely sure that only you will be able to understand if you are ready or not, and only you are responsible for establishing when it is time to take each step.

And just a important thing: I did not say it will be easy, on the contrary, you can expect all sorts of difficulties that may come along your journey, but believe that if you have the commitment and the dedication to run behind your dream, today is the right day to start. 

Maybe more one hour can be too late.

Go ahead and believe that your future is built only by you and right now.

Posted on: February 13, 2017 11:27 AM | Permalink

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Good Blog William.

Age is just a number - Your Age = Your Experience.

Some people are young age wise but elders experience wise while others are Elders Age wise but lack the experience and in this case age will not make a difference.

Good Luck - Keep going William.

I like the honest thoughts. Thanks William.

Great post William!

A young person only needs to have an insight into an existing problem and ideas on how to resolve them, however bizarre they may sound.

They will definitely meet a successful person who has been on the same journey and Bang , The young person has just found a mentor to fast track their journey on the path to success !

I totally agree with Rami; age is just a number! Perseverance and ability to learn from mistakes are key. Someone once said "failure is the mother of success."

I look forward to seeing how this blog evolves - it's a great idea to focus on the challenges of young leaders!

William as I said when you start your volunteering into the PMI Chapter, you should continued to seek space and keep working on this important ability to write a blog and encourage young professionals to grow and develop.
I am sure that you will influence and encourage young professionals around the world. Capabilities and vision, you have. Now just depends on you.
Congrats and success to the Young Project Manager Blog!

It is natural that experience comes with time as well as maturity. But in fact, age is just a number and we can not create a barrier in our dreams because of a number.

This post is inspiring ... Congratulations!

Nice post. Age for sure should not be the definitive limitating factor. Young people may have less experience. But also because of it they can see differently because I think that with the age we start losing that hability of seeing diferently.

Young people should be incentivated to persue their dreams!

I think this blog will apply to not just young professionals, but those that may be moving into another level in their career and those who may now just be coming into their own in regards to confidence.
Thank you

I've always thought that the value of a person/employee can be boiled down to a simple equation. Value = (Knowledge Skill) * Attitude. Although having experience and knowledge is valuable, it is an adder. Having Skill or Ability is an adder. But having the correct attitude and desire to succeed is a multiplier. And that is independent of age.

Congratulations William for your courage:" the value does not expect the number of years".

Thanks for posting

Thanks for posting

Dear William
Interesting your perspective on the topic: "Only you can decide if you are too young for success"

Thanks for sharing

Important point to remember:
"You can be absolutely sure that only you will be able to understand if you are ready or not, and only you are responsible for establishing when it is time to take each step."

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