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InfoQ Podcast Interview of me on The Agility Series, Cultural Agility, and more

From the The Agility Series Blog
The Agility Series focuses on agile and agility across the organization not just in software and product development. Areas of agility that will be covered in blog posts will include: - Organizational Agility - Leadership Agility - Strategic Agility - Value Agility - Delivery Agility - Business Agility - Cultural Agility - Client Agility - Learning Agility

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InfoQ Podcast Interview of me on The Agility Series, Cultural Agility, and more

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@ICAgile's Shane Hastie's podcast interview of me has been posted on @InfoQ - we talk about The Agility Series, Cultural Agility, the NFPPC, Value Management, Organizational Sustainability and Resilience, and whole lot more. Check it out!

Key Takeaways:

  • Value management is about doing the right thing, rather than doing lots of stuff, right
  • The reason for doing something should always trace back to an organizational strategic goal, and if it doesn’t then we’re wasting the organizations money
  • Introducing the ideas of cultural agility
  • The ability to understand multiple local contexts and work within them to obtain business results
  • A statement of strategic intent is not a statement of fact, it is a current direction which can change
  • Sustainability and resilience are enhanced through agility
  • Everything changes – the practices we are using now won’t be the ones we will use in the future, be adaptive to changing everything about how we do work

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Interesting goes Agile.beyond projects

Thanks for sharing Lawrence, good topic

Thanks for sharing!

Some interesting thoughts on Agility.

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