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Young People x Personal Culture

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Culture makes difference in your life

It is important to keep in mind what culture is, to know how we can acquire it. And culture, when we talk about our personal acquiring of culture is a generic concept used to understand human values, practices, knowledge and experience acquired through time.

Reading is something more than crucial for human learning and life improvement, because it is through it that we can enrich our vocabulary and contribute to the so-called "culture" in our minds.

It does not matter if it’s reading paper or digital books, as long as we are always into some reading that improves our life and our knowledge. After all, you learn a lot by just reading the newspaper or news on the internet or just trying to understand what you do not understand

We read a lot of things throughout the day and many of those readings bring us new information or terms that we do not yet know. It is important to increase our understanding of the world by trying to understand these little things that still do not make sense to our minds

And one skill will lead to another. People who read daily and mainly understand what they are reading, can develop at least a small text speaking their vision on any subject.

Recycle your knowledge

Many things that we learn in school time are being forgotten by our brains over the years (some of these things maybe are even good to be forgotten, but this is not the point of this article) because we do not practice them.

It is through a routine reading that the most varied knowledge is fixed so as not to be forgotten later by our brain. Doubts we have in writing could be healed by the habit of reading, we maybe not even have them, because reading makes our knowledge and vocabulary more diversified.

Take care of excessivity

We need to read a lot, as I mentioned above. But I'd like to correct myself here. We need to read a lot, but read things that add value to us. I see a problem, especially of young people, that read so much unnecessary things in the internet, They are making their big brains inaccessible boxes of information, not of knowledge

Another problem is to be a "decorator" of texts. In other words, people who just read a lot and don’t stop a time to reflect or understand what they are reading

To conclude, I think that we have a big challenge for the next years: Select the best things to read and really understand what is happening around us.

Posted on: January 24, 2018 06:25 AM | Permalink

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great article, thx. the shelf life of knowledge is indeed becoming shorter and shorter

The absorption of knowledge or lack of it makes such a difference to where we will end up. It's a good point about time for reflection rather than piling in data.

We need to balance our reading. Quality vs Internet browsing.

Good article William!

Thanks for sharing, William!

I'd echo Drake's feedback that what we read in terms of subjects, diversity and breadth is as important as how much we read.

I'd also suggest that there's a complementary benefit in writing as well - either original content, or curated based on what we have read.


Excellent, thanks for sharing

Reading is like giving your mind a regular dose of exercise but understanding it is gaining and retaining knowledge.
Thank you William for an interesting article.

Good article, William and thanks for sharing.
I concur with Drake on this.

Internet is easily too big, we do definitely need a smart way to read and assimilate al the possible existing information

Dear William
Interesting your perspective on the topic: "Young People x Personal Culture"

Thanks for sharing

Important point to remember:
"It is important to increase our understanding of the world by trying to understand these little things that still do not make sense to our minds"

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Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes.