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Agile Practice Guide Goes Global

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This blog is a conversation between the Agile Practice Guide Team and our PMI and Agile Alliance Communities to gain insight, support and collaboration around the creation of a usable and relevant body of work that supports transition to hybrid and agile in project work.

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Agile Practice Guide Goes Global

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Alignment of the Agile Practice Guide and the PMI Standards

Practice Guide Translations Available

Thanks to the efforts of 40 volunteers who supported the translation validation process, the Agile Practice Guide is now available in 11 languages in addition to English:  Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.  PMI members can download the translated Practice Guide, which is bundled with the corresponding PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition translation, at no charge as part of their PMI membership benefits.  To access the electronic file, visit and log in using your PMI membership credentials (if you need help, contact PMI’s Customer Care Center for support).  Once you have logged in, click on the PMBOK® Guide & Standards tab at the top of the page.  On the right hand side, click on the link next to the PMBOK® Guide cover, and the next page should provide a link for downloading the file for each available language.

The Agile Alliance will be posting the Agile Practice Guide files for access by its members shortly. 

Updated PMI-ACP® Certification Examination

On 26 March, PMI transitioned to an updated version of the Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP)® certification examination.  While exam questions must be answered in English, exam candidates can now opt to use translation aids available in Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.  The Japanese translation aid will be available beginning 11 June 2018.  Additionally, the Agile Practice Guide is now one of the study resources for the examination and the certification exam has been updated to match the terminology in the practice guide.

So both the Agile Practice Guide and the PMI-ACP certification are more accessible to the global project management community!

Business Analysis & Agile

In December, we published The PMI Guide to Business Analysis. This standard and guide provides a foundation for growing business analysis practices.  It is adaptable for any organization in any industry, and across the continuum of project delivery methods, including agile.  PMI members can download electronic copies of The PMI Guide to Business Analysis and the Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide at no charge from (see Agile Practice Guide section above for instructions).

Still Seeking Feedback!

I continue to encourage you to share feedback and thoughts on the practice guide with us.  Please post your comments on this blog where we are capturing inputs for future updates and enhancements.

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Wonderful news and congratulations to the team for this great effort!!

Very interesting, thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing!

Very interesting, thanks for sharing

Is there a working copy of the Agile Practice Guide? Maybe in the form of Github?

Michael - there is not a working copy of the Guide at this time.

Lots of useful information

Using agile is a good opportunity to change management model.


Good to Know thanks

Is there a downloadable Excel version of the Agile Suitability Filter Tool? I downloaded the Agile Practice Guide as a PMI member, yet cannot find the actual tool anywhere.


I think, as a first version it is good enough for PM wishing to start on Agile practices.

Just one comment regarding the Spanish version, which has some format errors. For example, instead of sidebars you can see:

blah, blah, blah,
--- end of sidebar ---

Also for tips, call-outs...

Look forward for a next release.

Answering my own comment:
Yesterday I received a message from PMI informing me that the Spanish version has already been amended.

Taking into account this is about agility and agile organizations, I believe PMI is on the good track.

Thank you for the quick update!

As a Project Manager
Who wishes to start preparing his PMI-ACP certification
I'd like to have an Agile Guide organized by Domains and therefore aligned to the exam outline
So I can identify where to emphasize my efforts.

In other words I'd like to know the rational behind the Agile Guide structure, as I give for granted that organizing it as the PMI-ACP exam outline was discarded because some good reasons.

Thanks ;-)

Dear Joaquin:

Thank you for your good question and feedback about the Agile Practice Guide.

While PMI standards are an important resource for certification exam preparation, the standards are not intended to be study guides. Standards establish a common lexicon for the specific subject matter and detail generally accepted best practice on most projects most of the time. Each of the standards also emphasizes that project professionals must tailor their approaches to the unique characteristics of each project. That means that in some instances, best practice may be sufficient while in other instances it may be overkill. For example, on a simple project with minimal significant risks, it would be too much to apply all of the elements of risk management to that type of project. At the same time, as we have learned from several PMI Project of the Year award winners, best practice in risk management may not be sufficient for nuclear power plant construction or decommissioning projects. So PMs may find themselves having to work with their teams to develop new practices specific for the circumstances of their projects.

If you are looking for resources to help you prepare for the PMI-ACP(R) examination, I would suggest that you look specifically for exam preparation resources. These resources are specifically tailored to align with the exam content outline and to help you focus your efforts on key content areas covered by the exam. There is a suggested resource list for the ACP exam that includes preparation books and resources. There are also online and live prep courses that you might want to consider as well; the courses are listed in the Continuing Certification Renewal System database located at:

I hope that this information is helpful. If you have additional questions or would like more information, please feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected]

I wish you success with your pursuit of the PMI-ACP(R)!


Stephen Townsend
Director of Network Programs

Dear Sandra: My apologies for the delay to your question. PMI does not have an electronic version of the Agile Suitability Filter available but there are some versions available from third parties. You can find two versions from the Agile Business Consortium at:

Hagamos posts en Español! Una motivacion para la comunudad de Hispanoablantes: si ya la guia de agil esta en español!, si ya la leimos y si vamos a hacer comentarios sobre algun error o mejora o sobre un tema que deberia ser Mejor tratado en la guia en español. Por favor hagamos los posts en Español!

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