All about PMI Global Conference 2019

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All about PMI Global Conference 2019

October's PMI Global Conference - Who can you meet with?

My short poem for YOU!

I've never had the privilege of attending a PMI Global Conference before - I'm not sure I knew what to expect.....but, it has been such a valuable experience for me.'s not over yet!  Today was just Day 2 of 3, but let me share what I've experienced so far:  Day 1 was impressive - with signage in the airport to greet me - electronic billboards on the street proclaiming the conference and a sea of professionals walking into the convention center wearing orange lanyards proudly displaying their PMI affiliation.  I was part of an army.  The exhibit hall had many interesting vendors and displays, the PMI booth offered anyone the chance to "Ask the Expert" and the new PMI logo was colorfully and imaginatively splashed all over the place.  There were so many activities I had a hard time choosing which one to attend - from the Opening General Session and Keynote Speaker Adam Grant (a great way to kick off the event) to the networking reception it was all was engaging, inspiring and  informative.  Networking with so many people I interact with on this site has been such a highlight for me. I met so many really exceptional professionals.  I won't lie, after Day 1 I went to bed very tired - but when the alarm rang in the morning I was ready to jump up and greet Day 2.  Day 2 was just as rewarding as the previous day with more excellent presenters offering a variety of topics and more meaningful interactions with respected colleagues.  There are so many opportunities to meet new people, share experiences and learn!  This conference has been exactly what I needed - I am more excited than ever before to be a Project Management Professional.  Tomorrow I'll share more about Day 3.  Please consider attending events like this - I believe you will come away feeling as renewed and inspired as I feel today.  Coming here to Philadelphia has been such a privilege for me!  It is definitely worth it!

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It is participating in events that fully fill us.
I hope that the Conference will continue to meet its expectations and perhaps exceed them.

Great feedback on the conference to date, Lori!


Great to hear your thoughts. And it was a pleasure to get to know you better.

Thanks for your thoughts Lori. I look forward to viewing the sessions on demand in the future. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it this year.

Thanks, it's great to hear from people who attended as I couldn't go this year!

Thanks for the updates and for sharing your experience Lori. Cheers !

Renewed, Inspired, Thankful...super agree with you!

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