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In case you actually read this description, the beginning of the blog is about preparing for the PMP exam. It then evolved into maintaining my credential. After taking a break for a few years, I'm back and will be blogging about project management, in general, and probably a bit of agile on a regular basis.

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Everything Old is New Again

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In the spirit of the reason I started this blog - preparing for the PMP exam in 2008 - I’ll start this post with my latest certification path - PMI-ACP.  To quote myself from that first blog post:

“The important thing to keep in mind when preparing for the PMP exam is that just getting started is a step in the right direction.”

Fast forwarding to the present, I was recently approved to schedule the PMI-ACP exam (the application was soooo much easier than the PMP exam application), so now it’s time to hit the books, or more accurately:

  • An exam prep book (I’m looking for a good one.  Recommendations, anyone?)
  • An online prep-class from Udemy (we always need more PDUs!)
  • Flash cards
  • Practice exams

Can I claim PDUs for reading the exam prep book?  Hmm…

February sounds like a good time to take the exam, but that would put my renewal at about the same time as my PMP and annual membership renewal.  It might be good to stagger these, a little.  Once I get the exam prep book, I’ll put together a study plan and set a realistic date.

I’m thinking I’ll do us all a favor and NOT make my next several posts about preparing for the PMI-ACP exam.  It may come up, but I have a few other ideas that might prove more interesting.

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Dear Aaron
Your decision to become PMI-ACP certified is very interesting.
After reading the PMBOK Guide 7th Edition it occurred to me to take the same certification. I wonder why? :-)
I have spoken with many people who have been PMI-ACP certified.
Without a doubt the best book (unanimous opinion) is the one published by "PMI-ACP Exam Prep : A Course in a Book for Passing the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner ( PMI-ACP) Exam (Updated Second Edition)"
I believe Mike Griffiths was involved in the design of this PMI certification

Dear Aaron
This is how the book is publicized on Amazon: "Written by Mike Griffiths, a member of the PMl-ACP Steering Committee, this unique certification prep guide will prepare exam takers to earn PMl's new PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMl-ACP) credential. Offering over 400 full-sized pages of exam-related content, exercises, and sample practice questions, this soon-to-be best-seller covers exam topics related to Key Agile Concepts, Value Driven Delivery, Stakeholder Engagement, Adaptive Planning, Continuous Improvement , and more!"

Thanks Aaron for this inspirational piece,
Wishing you all the best in your efforts

My sentiments exactly. Developing a study plan means acquiring the resources that make learning possible.

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