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Why if you are a PMP who understands the value of Agile your next workshop should be the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant

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Why if you are a PMP who understands the value of Agile your next workshop should be the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant

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Although I'm no longer in the PMI, I still have great respect for its products and membership. I joined the PMI a couple of years ago for several reasons. One of the biggest was the clear desire of most PMI members to want to learn. I know many PMIers wondering about what their next steps should be. Agile is decidedly more than a fad, so that makes it more attractive. But it also seems to be anti-management and a bit free-wheeling as well - which goes against many of the principles and philosophies we've seen useful.

 In thinking about this, I believe the choice forward for many PMPs and other PMI members is a combination of the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant workshops as well as some of the new work I am doing with Success Engineering. I'll talk about why the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant workshop in this post. In the next few days I'll follow up with my new efforts with Success Engineering. These products won't be available until early next year.

 What makes the DAVSC appealing to PMPs.

While I have been a believer in Agile from before it began, I have always been troubled by a few things. These are mostly its:

  • Team-centricity
  • Anti-management attitude
  • Lack of discipline
  • Missing a scientific model that explains why it works

 I created the DAVSC as a way to teach consultants how to:

  • look at the entire value stream
  • include management in the Agile transformation process
  • provide clarity on essential practices and why they must be done
  • Understand a scientific model that explains why Agile works and what to do when you venture into new ground

 In a nutshell, it teaches participants how to guide transformations in a manner I found was effective for both me and other top consultants.  I created on the basis of what successful consultants needed to know by observing them (and not so success consultants) for almost 2 decades.

The DAVSC is more focused on teaching you how to think to solve you and your clients' problems than how to adopt someone else's solutions.

I'm co-teaching 3 Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant workshops over the next 6 weeks in different times zones. You can see them here.

Each session will be followed by a 45 minute session for additional Q&A that will also include why and how the workshop was created. Although you currently need a DASSM certification to be certified in the workshop, you are more than welcome to attend if you believe that the general concept of Agile is a good one.

 Feel free to contact me for more information

 Al Shalloway




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Al, thanks for the information. I have high interest in the DAVSC and it’s on Professional Development to-do-list but not in the near future due to budget constraints so maybe late next year.

thanks for letting me know. let's stay in touch.

We sure will Al, thank you and great effort in putting this together. I follow your blogs and I truly believe the DAVSC course and designation will add lots of value to professionals.

Thanks for sharing

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