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How Do You Explain Project Management to a Developer?

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In case you actually read this description, the beginning of the blog is about preparing for the PMP exam. It then evolved into maintaining my credential. While maintaining relevant credentials is important, it doesn't make a good long-term topic. Watch for experiments, some serious topics as I try out new things and "take the plunge", and maybe a little bit of fun.

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How Do You Explain Project Management to a Developer?


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Be warned, this is experimental humor.  Somebody asked "What do PMs do from a Developer's perspective?"  I asked GPT4o to help me come up with the following:

class ProjectManager:
def __init__(self, name): = name = []
self.projects = []

# Method to recruit team members and send welcome emails
def recruit_team(self, team_members):

# Method to send welcome emails to team members
def send_welcome_emails(self):
for member in
self.send_email(member, "Welcome to the team! Let's do great things!")

# Method to assign a project, schedule meetings, and create tickets
def assign_project(self, project):

# Method to schedule meetings for the project
def schedule_meetings(self):
print("Scheduling endless meetings...")
for day in range(1, 6):
self.schedule_meeting(f"Day {day}: Stand-up Meeting")

# Method to schedule a specific meeting
def schedule_meeting(self, meeting_details):
print(f"Scheduled: {meeting_details}")

# Method to create tickets for tasks
def create_tickets(self):
print("Creating tickets for every possible task, even the smallest...")
for task in self.generate_tasks():

# Method to generate a list of tasks
def generate_tasks(self):
return ["Design UI", "Implement feature", "Fix bug", "Write tests", "Deploy to production"]

# Method to create a ticket for a specific task
def create_ticket(self, task):
print(f"Ticket created for: {task}")

# Method to monitor progress and update project status
def monitor_progress(self):
print("Monitoring team's progress and updating project status...")
for task in self.generate_tasks():

# Method to check the status of a specific task
def check_task_status(self, task):
print(f"Checking status of: {task}")
if self.randomly_decide_status() == "done":

# Method to randomly decide the status of a task
def randomly_decide_status(self):
import random # Importing random module for random status decision
return random.choice(["done", "in progress"])

# Method to close a ticket for a completed task
def close_ticket(self, task):
print(f"Closed ticket for: {task}")

# Method to remind the team about an incomplete task
def remind_team(self, task):
print(f"Reminder: Don't forget to complete: {task}")

# Method to report the project status to stakeholders
def report_status(self):
print("Reporting status to stakeholders...")
self.send_email("[email protected]", "Here is the latest project status update!")

# Method to send an email
def send_email(self, recipient, message):
print(f"Email sent to {recipient}: {message}")

# Example usage:
pm = ProjectManager("Alex") # Creating a ProjectManager instance
pm.recruit_team(["Dev1", "Dev2", "Dev3"]) # Recruiting team members
pm.assign_project("New Feature Implementation") # Assigning a project
pm.monitor_progress() # Monitoring progress
pm.report_status() # Reporting status

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Tendai Masvaure Harare, HA, Zimbabwe
Beautiful definition. Thank you for sharing

Prasad YERRA Process Manager| Veolia Water Doha, Qatar
PMs turn coffee into code requests, transform timelines into wishful thinking, and magically summon meetings from thin air. They're the architects of endless emails and the gatekeepers of scope creep. In short, they're the puppet masters pulling the strings behind the scenes."

Mayte Mata-Sivera
Community Champion
Head of PMO| Confidential Ut, USA
That's fun!

Amin Musa Khalil Muscat, Ma, Oman
That's fun, some time It's difficult to other to understand a developer perspective.

Anne-Sophie Drouin IMT Project Manager| IDRC Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
That is not what I expected when I clicked to read the blog post! Ha ha ha!

Aaron Porter IT Project Manager| Blade HQ Pleasant Grove, Ut, USA
Thank you for the comments. I thought that, since there is more than enough content TELLING you what AI can supposedly do while it steals your job and solves world hunger, it would be a nice change of pace to have a little fun SHOWING what it can do.

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