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Risks are all over your project, from the birth of the idea to completion. Maximize benefits with true risk management of your project. In this blog, I bring ideas, some basic level of knowledge on key project subjects. I try to have everything identical in English and French.

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Hygiene working from home - Covid-19 - Hygiène du travail de la maison


Many people are forced or encouraged to work from home without having planned it. Have you implemented work hygiene? Some things.Maintain the morning routine

Despite the context, maintain a routine: wake up, personal hygiene, lunch and clothing you would wear to go to work, do not stay in your pyjamas.

Establish rules

Make rules with the people you live with, so everyone can do their work. Whether it is a spouse, a child or a person with whom you share the space of the residence and in some cases, with young children. As requests for containment are required in several places, you will need to find a form of sharing with the other parent or another trusted person. Identify a place in the residence, or create a way to mark the space when it is your workspace.

Also, rules for you: working hours, answering calls and emails, as it was before teleworking. Don't let the work take up too much space while making sure you do as much as before.

Maintain breaks and meal periods

Take the time to take a break for a snack, chat with a colleague or to take a walk. It is not recommended to shorten your mealtime.

Go out

Treat yourself, take the time to go out occasionally for a meal. Take a walk to get it from a local business. In the context of confinement, eat on your balcony, order outside.

Staying in touch with colleagues

It is not possible to meet them in person, still confinement. Current technology allows virtual meetings in video conferences or simply voice. Yes, the same technologies used for conferences. 

Communicate even more

For remote work, many suggest more communication. This does not suggest writing an essay but may involve repeating yourself, informing about your schedule, completed tasks. Stay clear and positive in your communications, you don't meet people that often. Don't let others think differently or understand something else, be clear and optimistic.

Take advantage of the situation

You are at home, you have access to your kitchen, take part. You can have your favourite meal for meals. Have your homemade lasagna reheated in the oven. The rest of the pizza will stay crispy the way you like it. A sandwich with freshly toasted bread. Little or no dish reheated in the microwave.

Do not be more demanding than when you are at the office

You work from home, in your usual working hours you take the time to make an appointment with your doctor, dentist or other, do the same from home. The rules in force at your workplace with your employer remain the same. Consulting social networks or news was not acceptable, the rule did not change, if on the contrary, it was similar.

Establish a routine to finish the job

Mark the end of the working day with an event. Play your favourite song. Go take a walk. Send a message to your colleagues, you say good evening at the end of the day before leaving the office! 

Make a 5 to 7

No doubt you are doing happy hour with your fellow workers. With the same tools used for a virtual meeting, meet around your favourite drink. Everyone at home and all together virtually. You can also integrate people who work in other cities, other countries with this formula.

Enjoy the benefits, learn to live in this context for the moment


Hygiène du travail de la maison — Covid-19

Beaucoup de personnes se trouvent forcées ou encouragées de travailler de la maison sans pour autant l’avoir planifiée. Avez-vous mis en place une hygiène de travail ? Quelques trucs.

Maintenir la routine du matin

Malgré le contexte, maintenir une routine : réveille, hygiène personnelle, déjeuner et un habillement que vous porteriez pour aller travailler, ne pas rester en pyjama.

Établir des règles

Élaborez des règles avec les personnes avec qui vous habitez, pour permettre à tous de réaliser leur travail. Que ce soit un conjoint, un enfant ou une personne avec qui vous partagez l’espace de la résidence et dans certains cas, avec de jeunes enfants. Les demandes de confinement exigées à plusieurs endroits, vous devrez trouver une forme de partage avec l’autre parent ou une autre personne de confiance. Identifiez un endroit dans la résidence, ou créez une façon de marquer l’espace quand c’est votre espace de travail.

Aussi des règles pour vous : les heures de travail, réponse aux appels et courriels, comme c’était avant le télétravail. Ne pas laisser le travail prendre trop de place, tout en s’assurant d’en faire autant qu’avant.

Maintenir des pauses et les périodes de repas

Prenez le temps de faire une pause pour prendre une collation, pour discuter avec un collègue ou prendre une marche. Il n’est pas recommandé de réduire votre temps pour le repas.


Faites-vous plaisir, prenez le temps de sortir à l’occasion pour un repas. Prenez une marche pour aller le chercher dans une entreprise locale. Dans le contexte d’un confinement, mangez sur votre balcon, commandez à l’extérieur. 

Rester en contact avec les collègues

Il n’est pas possible de les rencontrer en personne, encore le confinement. La technologie actuelle permet des rencontres virtuelles en conférence vidéo ou simplement la voix. Oui les mêmes technologies utilisées pour les conférences.

Communiquer encore plus

Pour le travail à distance plusieurs suggèrent de communiquer plus. Ceci ne suggère pas l’écriture d’un essai, mais peut impliquer de se répéter, informer de votre horaire, des tâches complétées. Restez clair et positif dans vos communications, vous ne rencontrez pas les personnes aussi souvent. Ne laissez pas les autres penser autrement ou comprendre autre chose, soyez clair et optimiste.

Tirer avantage de la situation

Vous êtes à la maison, vous avez accès à votre cuisine, prenez en partie. Vous pouvez avoir pour repas votre plat favori. Avoir votre lasagne maison réchauffée au four. Le reste de pizza restera croustillant comme vous l’aimez. Un sandwich avec du pain frais grillé. Pas ou peu de plat réchauffé aux micro-ondes.

Ne soyez pas plus exigeant que lorsque vous êtes au bureau

Vous travaillez de la maison, dans vos heures de travail habituelles vous preniez le temps de prendre un rendez-vous chez votre médecin, dentiste ou autre, faite de même de la maison. Les règles en vigueur sur votre lieu de travail chez votre employeur restent les mêmes. Consulter les réseaux sociaux ou les nouvelles n’était pas acceptable, la règle n’a pas changé, si au contraire ce l’était c’est similaire.

Établir une routine pour finir le travail

Marquez la fin de la journée de travail par un événement. Faites jouer votre chanson préférée. Allez prendre une marche. Envoyez un message à vos collègues, vous leur disiez bonsoir à la fin de la journée avant de quitter le bureau ! 

Faite un 5 à 7

Sans doute que vous faites des 5 à 7 avec vos confrères de travail. Avec les mêmes outils utilisés pour une réunion virtuelle, faites une rencontre autour de votre boisson préférée. Chacun chez soi et tous ensemble virtuellement. Vous pourrez aussi intégrer des personnes qui travaillent dans d’autres villes, d’autres pays avec cette formule.

Appréciez les avantages, apprenez à vivre dans ce contexte pour le moment

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Make known the reasons for doing a project

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The "Prince 2 Practitioner" certification I recently completed led me to a more strategic review of elements of project management, corporate governance and a project office.

In particular, Prince2 rates as highly important the "Why are we doing this project? ", already identified as critical for the survival of a company, but often overlooked. The life of a business is based primarily on the motivation of its staff and the trust of its shareholders. These are two assets that must be preserved.

Identifying clearly the real reasons for doing a project will always be a winning approach for the company in the medium and long term because it ensures that the evaluation of the level of achievement of objectives remains fair and equitable. It is essential for maintaining an optimal level of staff motivation at all levels. Human resources are a major asset, critical to the success of a company, but investors / shareholders also need to understand the strategic framework of the company's key projects to assess correctly the results obtained.


 Each company operates in a specific context and pursues different business objectives. Any business whether public or private must analyze a portfolio of projects. These projects originate internally, or from a call for tenders or direct requests but a company can’t usually realize all.

 Choices must be made. It will be better managed if the objectives which justify the selection are clearly identified. For a company, it may be opening a new market, for another ensuring continuity for projects teams, reducing certain costs, increasing customer satisfaction or optimizing capacity. Many other elements can be part of the reasons for undertaking a project. In the private and in the public sectors, political influences are often part of justification.

Clear objectives

Explicitly documenting the reasons why, the company choose a project allows initially to properly inform management, shareholders and all stakeholders about expectations for this project. These initial reasons are the criteria that the company must then use to assess project performance.

The passage of time from the selection of the project to its completion often results in an evolution of the company business outlook that makes many stakeholders forget the original goals. The result in a success evaluation grid comprising elements that do not reflect the original objectives. For example, the realization of the usual returns on a project may have been sacrificed at inception in favor of sustainability, the overall performance of the business or risk diversification. I noted that once a project is ongoing managers too often forget the fundamental objectives they wanted to achieve with this project. If the goal was to open a new market this is the key criterion for evaluation and the profitability of the project itself becomes a relative criterion.

It is essential that each project manager keeps prominently in mind the expectations of the company for the project. Throughout the project, the achievement of the objectives should   remain the guide orienting his decisions based.  His performance should be evaluated based on the achievement of the clear objectives that justified the choice of the project. In addition, clear targets enable the monitoring to ensure that the objectives are still valid and achievable.


In a slow economy, a company may choose to bid lower prices. The project objectives are therefore intended to maintain expertise but achieving a given level of profitability is not part of the objectives. The bid for a fixed-price project is won and accepted by all. During the following months, the company's directors are replaced and an economic recovery takes hold. In another context, there will be tenders to expand in new markets to diversify risk or aiming at cracking open a market of the future knowing that profitability is not at the rendezvous. For another company, it will at great expense implement changes to a system to comply with a new legislation. Or build an infrastructure in winter despite higher costs in response to a particular event. No doubt you have your own examples.

Without explicit targets, a project manager will have difficulty in justifying low profitability to new directors. If he is forced to pursue irreconcilable objectives, it may be that neither the original targets or the new targets will be reached.


Properly applied this approach of continuity, highlighted as strategically important by Prince2, avoids turning into a bad project what could have been a winning project. Demonstrating that the resources have been used for projects that served the business objectives, will also have a positive impact on the perception of shareholders that for state-owned-enterprises are the citizens they are mandated to serve.

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"A closed mind is like a closed book; just a block of wood."

- Chinese Proverb