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Key Components of Project Monitoring System

Monitoring is an important aspect of project management. Monitoring information can be used for process improvement. Continuous monitoring gives the opportunity for project managers to identify the areas that require special attention. Ignoring monitoring information isn't healthy. We have to ensure that project monitoring systems generate data that can be widely used for process improvement. What are the key components of a project monitoring system?
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Damian -

I'm not keen on the term "continuous" as that provides a slippery slope to micro-management. Monitoring frequency and methods need to satisfy control objectives but it's best to work with the team to come up with the best ways to do that.

In general, the system needs to address some of the following basic elements:

- The operational definitions of what to monitor & with what thresholds
- How frequently monitoring will happen
- What happens when thresholds are exceeded
- Who needs to be informed and how


I am not professional, however according to my understanding i can contribute with the followings:-

-Control Chart ( for monitoring quality) one of the 7 famous quality tools.
- Project Health checks
- All Monitor&Control processes across the ( 10 knowledge areas) are playing main role,
- Kaizen process

Monitoring factors that require actions for controlling costs by following cost management plan, considering any policies, procedures, tools that are available or required by your company, monitor changes and prevent unnecessary changes and influencing the things that are causing costs to rise, monitoring information about project progress to help control the schedule and costs and to assess whether the project is on track through earned value measurement.

In a very simple few words ... monitoring is your guard in the project to know what is happening and where you are and what to do to meet your deliverables

Thank you all for your replies.

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